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* Your customer's mobile operator may charge usage fees, as when using mobile internet from a smartphone.

How do I find a wine with Winevizer?

Pair with one or more dishes

Pair with one or more dishes

The customer selects one or more types of dish (lamb, poultry, fatty fish, etc.) or menu items if the menu has been encoded.

Pair with one or more dishes

Tasting preferences

The customer defines preferences such as wine color, tannins, acidity, sweetness, aromas, ...

Accord avec un ou plusieurs plats

Explore the menu and filter wines

Customers can browse the wine list and filter wines by region, grape variety, color, etc.

Present your wine list on tablet or QRCode

Choose the best way to present your wine list in your établissement.

  • Wine list on tablet

    Install Winevizer on your tablets and choose your établissement which will open by default. All that's left is to present your tablet in place of the paper wine list.

  • Wine list via QRCode

    Once your digital wine list is ready, display the QRCode on your tables or in your menu. Your customers will be able to access your wine list on their smartphones without installation.

  • Multilingual wine list

    Your card is available in English, French and Dutch. Virtually no translation is required, everything is done automatically.

Multilingual wine list Tablet Winevizer Wine list qrcode Digital wine list

It's a simple, flexible solution to help restaurateurs and their customers

Customer problems

  • He has no knowledge of wine
  • He doesn't know the wines on the list
  • He's afraid to ask for help from the waiter, who isn't necessarily qualified.
  • He's afraid of making a mistake with his menu.

Customer involvement

  • He doesn't order wine
  • It defaults to the cheapest
  • He's disappointed with his choice
  • He's frustrated by feeling obliged to follow advice when the price doesn't suit him.

Problems for the restaurateur

  • He doesn't master his wines
  • It is difficult for him to train his staff to master his wine list.
  • He's afraid of over-documenting his card and making it complicated.
  • He'd like to earn more from his wines

Customer benefits

  • Search for wines by pairing, preferences or explore the wine list
  • Searching for wine without stress or haste
  • Wine and food pairing made easy
  • It uses its own smartphone and internet connection (4G/5G)
  • Continuously updated wine list information
  • Create a profile to save search preferences
  • Search for a établissement based on a bottle or type of wine

Advantages for the restaurateur

  • Set up in just a few minutes, with almost no coding required
  • Advanced data personalization for optimal customer experience
  • Wines are automatically identified but can be added to.
  • Pairings are automatically created, but can be enhanced by encoding the menu.
  • It does not have to manage a fleet of tablets and make wifi available.
  • He does not have to train his wait staff in food and wine pairing.
  • Place the QRCode directly on the table and in the wine or food list
  • Statistics on customer searches
  • Listing in the application directory

Artificial intelligence
for your wine list

Our algorithm, backed up by a database of thousands of references, will suggest the wines on your wine list that best match the dishes chosen by your customers.

+ than

Wine and food pairing

+ than

Wine references

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, when you create your account, you can try out the solution free of charge for 3 months in a single establishment. You have access to all the features and can already place the QRCode in your restaurant.

Not necessarily. If you have an Excel file with all your wine list information, you can import it directly into your account.

Our database will know most of your wine list, so you'll need to do almost no encoding of your wines' technical data. You can, however, take control of your wine data at any time.

No problem, you can define your own food and wine pairings. Alternatively, you can enter your own menu and create wine pairings based on it.

You can simply define pairings with dish types (beef, poultry, stews, etc.) to simplify the management of your pairings.
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