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Are you a restaurant owner looking to create or update your wine list? Would you like to offer an effective wine list for your wine bar or café? Winevizer offers a free wine list creation tool that's fully customizable and flexible.

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Customize your wine list

Whether you just want to display basic wine list information or want to enhance your list with comments, labels and grape varieties. When creating your wine list, you'll need to include legal information about your bottles, but you'll also be able to tell your customers a lot more about the origin or n-tasting of your pins.

Classify wines logically

The classification of wines on the menu must also be carefully thought out. There are two good ways to classify wines.
By region, each region will be listed under a title, and the wines will then be grouped by type and then by appellation. By type, each type (red, white, rosé, sparkling, etc.) will be titled, and the wines will then be grouped by region and then by appellation.

A renewed menu

A good wine list should be renewed and not remain static. Regular customers could get bored of the wine selection.
Let your menu evolve, for example, according to the seasons, but also according to changes in your menu. One part of your menu can remain fixed and another part can change regularly, keeping all your customers happy. Changing your range of wines by the glass can also be an easy way to get your menu moving.

Comment créer une carte des vins en ligne

Go to app.winevizer.com/carte-vins to start creating your free wine list.

How to create your online wine list

Create your wine list in just a few steps:

  • Go to app.winevizer.com/carte-vins
  • Click on the "Add wines" button
  • Add your wines from an Excel file or manually by simply typing the name of the wine.
  • Modify added wines to complete missing and mandatory information
  • Add additional information to your wines, such as grape varieties, tasting notes, etc.
  • Click on "Print wine list".
  • Configure the design of your wine list on the right-hand side of the screen to obtain the design that best suits your establishment.
  • Download your map in PDF format for printing
  • By creating an account, you can come back at any time to modify your wine list.
  • Retrieve the QRcode to give your customers access to your virtual sommelier.
Start your wine list

Create a clear, balanced wine list

Customers need to be able to find the wine they're looking for quickly, so the wine list must be as easy to read as possible, and contain a balanced selection of wines.

Make your wine list easier to read

- Legibility: A card must be legible and understandable to avoid any confusion about a wine.
- Clarity: your wine list should be airy and easy to read.
- Update your wine list: be sure to notify us of any wines that are out of stock, or reprint the list if your selection changes.

Creating a balanced wine list

Whatever the size of the wine list, what's important is its balance and coherence. Customers need to be able to easily find what they're looking for and match it to their menu.
The menu should offer a good overview of the different regions and appellations, the different grape varieties and styles of wine, but also propose prices that are accessible to all.

Frequently asked questions when creating a wine list

Creating a wine list is completely free of charge. If you then wish to use the virtual sommelier, you will need to upgrade to a paying account.

This avoids losing all the encoding work you've done on your wines when you want to modify your menu at a later date.

Our wine list creation tools are constantly evolving, so don't hesitate to contact us to add a design option or suggest an improvement.
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