Création carte des bières

Create a complete drinks menu with Winevizer

A few months ago, we suggested to our partners that they digitize their wine lists. Many of them asked us to take the digitization even further, by integrating the entire drinks list behind the QR code.

So we worked hard with our partners to offer a completely digitized drinks list.

Winevizer is first and foremost a Belgian solution, so it was impossible not to offer management of our national drink. Based on the same principle as for wines, the virtual sommelier can guide customers through food and beer pairings and tasting preferences. The digital beer list then offers a wealth of technical and organoleptic information on the beers.

To create a complete drinks menu, other beverages such as aperitifs, digestifs, softs and coffees can also be presented, this time in a simpler way in the application.

The paper drinks menu can now be completely replaced by the QR code. For customers not yet accustomed to this technology, Winevizer will soon be introducing a tablet-based wine and beverage list.

The possibility of managing drinks and then printing a simple paper card is also proposed.

The solution will be presented to a number of Belgian and French brasseries in August.