Carte des vins digitale Winevizer

Start the year with a Winevizer digital wine list

As 2024 begins, it is time for restaurateurs , wine bars and wine merchants to think about modernizing their offering. The solution? An innovative digital wine list . Accessible via QRCode and tablet , Winevizer offers an interactive experience, allowing customers to browse and choose from a selection of wines with ease and knowledge.

A digital wine list for your customers

The advantage of a digital wine list is not limited to the technological aspect, it also transforms the customer experience. With Winevizer, customers can get details on grape varieties, region, tasting notes and even personalized recommendations, all in seconds with their smartphone or on a tablet. This enriches their experience, making them more likely to discover and purchase wines they might not have considered before.

A powerful tool to manage your wines

For establishments, the benefits are just as significant. Winevizer makes it easy to update stock, prices and wine information , saving time, reducing errors or simply eliminating the need to reprint cards. Additionally, analyzing customer data can help refine wine offerings and target promotions, thereby improving sales and customer satisfaction.

By adopting Winevizer, you position your establishment at the forefront of innovation, offering not only a selection of quality wines but also a memorable and modern experience. It’s a positive and strategic way to start the year, looking toward the future of winemaking and customer service.

Create your digital wine list now by creating your account on Winevizer . Make 2024 the year your wine list goes digital with Winevizer!